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  • Oldtown

    Oldtown is a Hoverville at the edge of [[Redemption]]. It is a collection of shacks and tents erected by the poor, a typical sight in many towns during the Great Depression. It has been the site of several murders.

  • Redemption

    Redemption, Massachussets is a small coastal town. Its glory long past it is now facing a slow decline, following the general arc of misery that is the Great Depression.

  • Police Station

    Burned down when [[:erika-von-braun | Erika von Braun]] accidentally cause a fire in the morgue.

  • The Ragged Shack

    The Ragged Shack is a jazz club that fronts for a drug and sex den. Local youths drink alcohol and have casual sex here. The two floor house where Simon was abducted is in this neighborhood. There's an abandoned house nearby the group uses for …

  • The Deville Residence

    Home to [[:arthur-deville | Arthur's]] parents and brother. Located in an apartment on 2nd floor in a 2 story house. Working class district.