Tremulus - Finding Redemption

Back in the fold

Simon woke in a dream world and conversed with a horned man with black eyes at length. He woke and hid the body of Lem who showed clear signs of having been strangled (manually). A truck driver took the shaken alienist to town.

Amelia, Frank, and Erika waited for the dark and entered the club as the first customers arrived. Frank and Erika had some interesting adventures with Valerie (a local girl) and Anita (a waitress) respectively. As Elaine could have told them the area in the back is used for casual sex. Now they know.

Simon was dropped by the truck driver near a Catholic mission where they insisted on helping him to some food and a used suit. He then made his way to the night club. He is lured to the abandoned house by Charlie and updates both Charlie and Elaine about his misadventures. He also eases Charlie’s mental trauma. The siblings stay to observe the neighborhood.

Amelia extracted from Anita that Christine was the barmaid. Anita was so busy getting Erika into a room that she readily volunteered it to have Erika for herself.

Simon arrived in the club – and was shortly after joined with most of the others again. He went to talk to Christine who did not know Arthur had had a crush on her. As he was quite shy and unable to communicate his affection he must have resorted to supernatural “means,” Simon deducted. He further speculated that either Arthur had previous occult involvement or that even the spell itself might have caused the appearance of the strange woman.

Convinced that the lead to Christine might have been a dead end all along, Simon urges the others to investigate more in the matter of the magic shop.



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