Tremulus - Finding Redemption

Return to town

After drinking part of his sorrows away, Charlie woke to find he’s still part of the same nightmare. Most of the group had spent the night in Charlie’s place on the outskirts of town.

At breakfast they found Nash Anderson missing – and Charlie’s motorcycle. Apparently the journalist had sneaked off to get the scoop on events in town. They decided to take Elaine’s car into town – Charlie, Elaine, Erika, Frank. No idea where Simon is.

A police officer directed them off the road and asked them to come to the makeshift “station.” Erika hid because nobody knew whether she was being looked for for burning down the morgue.

At the station the group learned the following:

  • Nash has been murdered using one of the doctor’s scalpels. Not reporting them stolen made them look bad.
  • There is also the matter of the dead landlord at the B&B where several of the group had signed in.
  • Erika’s driver is in a coma and has not been able to speak to the police.

The others gave Frank an alibi. Frank inspected the murder weapon and told the police (with little credibility) that it was not his.

They also met Nash’s sister that had come on short notice to identify the corpse, a writer named Amelia Anderson.

The police tends to think that the group are in danger more than being suspects, and warned them against too much vigilante bungling. After all, three of their associates and acquaintances are dead now. Some suspicion remains.

What now?



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